Sunday, 15 December 2013

Vegetarian Christmas Dinner: The Perfect Nut Roast

IMG_4010 (2)

It may be the butt of jokes, but I honestly love Nut Roast. I hate going out for a Sunday lunch or Christmas dinner and being served risotto or some sort of pastry tart whilst everyone tucks into veg and gravy. Nut Roast always seems like the perfect vegetarian alternative to me because it goes perfectly with all the Christmas trimmings. I turned vegetarian 17 years ago and I was a very strict vegetarian for 12 years. These days I am more of a pescetarian and occasionally eat fish. My dad still seems to think it's a bit of a phase I am going through and every Christmas he tries to get me to eat turkey!

This year, however, my husband and I are in charge of Christmas Dinner. I have jokingly threatened to serve only nut roast, but the atmosphere that would create would ruin Christmas! So I am reluctantly buying a turkey crown and serving that alongside a nut roast.

Now, I have tried a lot of nut roasts in my time, but surprisingly I have never actually tried to cook one. My mum always relies on M&S offerings for Christmas dinner. So we decided to do a trial run and searched the Internet for ideas. I know I prefer bread to rice mixes and I love anything with chestnuts, mushrooms and a high nut content so when I stumbled across 'How to Cook the Perfect Nut Roast' by Felicity Cloake on the Guardian website her recipe really did seem perfect to me. I found the recipe very easy to follow and I plan to make it up on Christmas Eve so it is ready to pop in the oven on Christmas day. I can honestly say I think it is the best nut roast I have ever tried. I was so moist and so tasty. Even my meat eating son of a farmer husband said he loved it and would prefer to have that than meat! High praise indeed!

I apologise that I only have an image of the end result and a poor iPhone image at that, but I had no intentions of blogging about this when I cooked it.

Have you tried nut roast? Have you got any good vegetarian alternatives for Christmas or even Sunday Dinner?


  1. I'm not veggie but I did used to be and still prefer veggie food to meat most of the time. This looks amazing! x

  2. My mum used to do a nutroast for christmas when I was younger as she and her bf were veggies at the time, now we do poultry normally. I'd try and make a nut roast but would need a recipe sans mushrooms as I hate the things!

  3. I've never heard of a nut roast! I would definitely try it though, turkey isn't that wonderful anyway :)

  4. I've never tried nut roast but this looks really appetising. I must try it, but not on Christmas Day - that will be a turkey crown!

  5. I have never tried nut roast before, but it always looks really nice and yummy! x

  6. My fiance is veggie and he would have a nut roast. this year we are gonna try and make cranberry and chestnut falafel. :) xx