Tuesday, 10 June 2014

A lovely day for a white wedding



Last week we had the pleasure of attending my friends' wedding in Greenwich, London. They organised a really wonderful day and we really had the most amazing time.  I really struggled with what to wear as I haven't quite got used to the extra baby weight I'm still carrying. I knew I'd be seeing a lot of old friend's from university and knowing that I was the first one to have had a baby didn't fill me with confidence. I felt a lot of dresses made me look frumpy and anything bodycon or fitted was a big no no! I settled on this Topshop dress, but went into a slight panic over the short length a couple of days before the wedding and I placed a next day delivery order on Asos, but nothing in my order seemed right so I resigned myself to wearing this dress. I love the bardot neckline of this dress and I love the colour, but I wish it was an inch or two longer! It definitely wasn't the most practical choice for bending over a pram and seeing to a baby! I got the dress online a few weeks ago and it sold out pretty quickly and I've never seen it in store. I've seen it go for double the price on eBay and I'm seriously considering selling it because I'm just not sure when I would wear it again. 

These shoes were the ultimate bargain! After searching ever store in the Metro Centre for some nude heals, I found these beauties in a half size for a mere £13 when I popped into Tesco for nappies! 

Dress - Topshop

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  1. You look beautiful the dress is stunning and your hubby looks very handsome. It is nice to dress up and put your glad rags on. Have a lovely weekend Lucy x